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Naturehike Cotton Sleeping Bag

Product code: NH21MSD03
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Naturehike Cotton Sleeping Bag is a semi-rectangular sleeping bag that are breathable and comfortable, with a windproof collar. They are also water repellant.

With a rounded top and a slight tapering at the bottom, they aim to find the perfect balance between warmth and roominess, so you don’t have to completely sacrifice wiggle room for the sake of heat retention.

That makes them well-suited for cool-weather camping when conditions are chilly, but not frigid.

Machine washable.

Fabric: Pongee, Lining: Washed cotton Filling: Cotton

Temp range:  P300 Limit 1ºC  Comfortable 6ºC

Length 86.6” Weight 1.5kg

Width at feet 16.9”

Width at chest 27.6”

Width at head 23.6”

Width at widest point 31.51”

Size of bag when rolled up 14.2” x 9.8”

Standard length Suitable for 1.8m height and below

Naturehike Cotton Sleeping Bag
Naturehike Cotton Sleeping Bag Sale price£41.00